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Why choose RégimA?

• Full Facial and Body Rejuvenation range

• Specialized treatments for use by Doctors, Specialist trained Skin Care Professionals

• Pigmentation, Wrinkles, Acne, Acne Scarring, Scars, Burns

• Provides Post Peel Treatment

• Provides Post Skin Resurfacing Laser or Hair Removal Laser Treatment

• Ultimate Simplicity within the Home Care Range

• Suitable for All skin types, ages, colour

• Manufactured for doctors pre and post surgery ensuring efficacy and patient safety

• Powerful NATURAL ingredients providing potency without side effects (No Hydroquinone used in our pigmentation treatment)

• Laboratory produced by internationally trained cosmetic chemists

• Continued International research - keeping ahead

• Cost efficiency providing the most potent internationally renowned product at affordable prices cutting out the middle men

• NO animal products used and NOT tested on animals

• NO added synthetic colours or fragrances only of natural origin

• Internationally available

• Back-up patient/client service

• Informative website

• HIGHEST amount of NATURAL ingredients achieving ULTIMATE


Who can be helped by RégimA?

• All Skin Types: Including the most Sensitive skins

• White, Asian or Black Skins

• Female or Male

• All age groups safe for even the very young

• Rejuvenation for: Sun damaged, crepey, wrinkled skins, ageing neck, sagging breasts, creased décolleté (chest & cleavage)

• Pigmentation: Chloasma, pigmented and uneven skin tone, dark under eye circles, 'age spots', 'sun spots', solar keratoses on face and backs of hands

• Acne: Problem or acneform skins

• Scars: New or Old From trauma, operation, acne, burns etc

• Laser: Essential Pre & Post Skin Resurfacing Laser Treatment

• Body Treatment home care and in-rooms/in-salon treatments

• Pregnant: Weight gain or weight loss causing stretching or sagging of the skin

• Cellulite: Orange peel dimply thighs, buttocks etc.

• Anyone wishing to keep the skin in optimal condition



Wrinkles, Acne Pitting & Solar Keratoses treated with RégimA ‘Peel & Heal’+ home care essentials



Treated with RégimA ‘Peel & Heal’+ home care essentials



White Female Gunshot Wound treated with RégimA ‘Peel & Heal’+ home care essentials



19 year old girl gained 32Kgs during pregnancy. Inititial photo show the patient’s resultant stretch marks 6 months after the birth of her baby. There is no genetic predisposition to stretch marks as neither her mother nor grandmother developed stretch marks from any of their pregnancies. Second photo shows results after 3rd RégimA ‘Peel & Heal’ Treatment + Scar Repair Twice Daily.


All salons and spas who wish to introduce RégimA professional range will undergo strict regular RégimA training, by a medical doctor from overseas representing RégimA, a seminar will held in April 2012, for more information please contact Maureen and Sina Spiteri.


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