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Stretch marks gone for good

Ecuri has developed a new fractional needle technique for treating striae or stretch marksThe Fractional technique ensures that stretch marks are clearly less visible after just a single treatment. This technique was developed and tested by Alec Kurucz, and the results speak for themselves
The technique combines both Ecuri's specially-developed Penmanent Make-up device and fractional needle technology. Instead of applying pigment, the affected area is now treated with hyaluronic acid, a type of vitamin B or histamine solution. The stretch marks are not coloured in, but gradually fade with each treatment.
What are stretch marks
Stretch marks or striae are often characterised by white lines on the skin. Almost all women and a lot of men are plagued by these unsightly streaks. The stretch marks usually form when the skin is stretched too quickly. They may occur because of rapid growth during puberty, but also form during pregnancy or due to exercise. Many people would do just about anything to get rid of their stretch marks.
2 types of stretch marks
Ecuri distinguishes between two types of stretch marks: hard and soft striae. Hard striae usually form on the arms and legs, on the mid-section below the navel and on the buttocks. Soft striae usually fonm around the navel, on the sides and on the breasts.
Both types should be treated differently. Not only do they differ in terms of treatment method, but also the preparations used are adjusted according to the type of stretch marks.
stretch marks