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Scalp pigmentation


Say goodbye to baldness

This new method employs a combination of stem cell technology and permanent make-up techniques. A special needle attached to a permanent make-up device is used to inject stem cell scalp web
preparations into the skin. These stem cell preparations activate your own hair growth, making it fuller, darker and thicker. Tiny hairs are applied between the existing brow hairs using a pigment . Together these techniques give the appearance of real hair. 

This new stem cell technique will never completely replace permanent makeup. Instead, it gives the eyebrow pigmentation a more natural look because your own hair begins to grow back. Many women lose a lot of eyebrow hair as they age. The ends of the eyebrows especially start thinning. While we've been using permanent make-up on brows for years to create a fuller look, the look is significantly enhanced once hair-growth regenerates in the thinning areas. 

Stem cell technology can be used on both the scalp and eyebrows. The stem cell preparation is prescribed by one of our partner physicians. The stem cells which we use are extracted from the blood in human placenta, and it's these cells that ensure natural hair growth. This is an extremely complicated and costly procedure. 

The regeneration treatment consists of 4-6 short treatments lasting approximately 15 minutes. They involve implanting the special stem cell preparation into cleansed skin. Stem cells copy any tissue they are implanted into. There are no special stem cells for hair or muscle. What makes stem cells special is that they can form any type of tissue. Hair follicles are located between the epidermis and the dermis, more or less the same layer of skin into which we normally apply pigmentation. That’s why it’s important that the stem cell preparation is applied to this layer of skin. Since stem cells copy the tissue they’re implanted into, the client must still have some hair growth.

If someone no longer experiences hair growth and the skin is already quite smooth and calloused there is little likelihood the procedure will be successful. In these cases, we do not advise undergoing stem cell therapy. If however the person has only thinning eyebrows there is a good chance of success. 

Stem cells really do regenerate hair grow 
Many women experience thinning eyebrows with age. Now they can benefit from a new technology combining permanent makeup with real regenerative hair growth – it offers the perfect solution.scalp 2