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Permanent Make-up Removal

Ecuri Cosmetics has especially developed Removy Solution in order to correct Permanent Make-up, This gel can correct undesired or mistakes for up to an hour after treatment.


removal5Removy Solution is applied with a fine microbrush. The unwanted pigmentation turns gradually white and the gel extracts it from the skin. Removy Solution is only available from Ecuri Cosmetics and is intended for corrections of up to one square centi metre.



Removing existing Permanent Make-up is possible by using Removy Solution in combination with Zap Away. This special cream can be injected into the unwanted pigmented area using a Permanent Make-up device. This is usually done using a 3-point needle. The area can then be treated with Removy Solution several times. Zap Away removes around 50 percent of the pigmentation.