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Ecuri Permanent Make-up

permanent make upEcuri Permanent Make-up is the only way to look perfectly. In swimming pool or sauna, crying or laughing, Permanent Make-up remains perfect under all the circumstances.

Just below the skin surface, a special, safe pigment is injected by a very thin needle. Permanent Make-up, different from the lifelong visible tattoo, will be gradually lighter. Depending on the applied technique, the pigmentation remains its beauty about two to five years.

Permanent Make-up is a branch which uses various techniques. Ecuri Cosmetics is the leading company in giving trainings and courses to make Permanent Make-Up artists successful.

The advantages of Ecuri Permanent Make-up:

·  Painless method.

·  Pigments are colourfast. Brown is guaranteed not to turn red or grey. Ecuri eyeliners are known for their intense, colourfast shades of colour.

·  Most Ecuri pigments are removable.

·  Unique hair stroke technique using small blades to create lifelike eyebrows.

·  Minimising scars by using the unique Ecuri fractional technique. Skin defacements are not camouflaged, but removed. Even raised scars disappear.

·  Wrinkle-filling treatments using hyaluronic acid. Instead of a pigment, safe filler is applied.

·  The most advanced equipment in the world and the only equipment to which the Ecuri meso-gun and laser pen can be connected.