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Needle cartridges

All the Ecuri hand pieces consist of patented hygiene cartridges with intergrated needles. These unique cartridges are equipped with a membrane for avoiding pigment, blood and other body fluids flow in the handpiece. In this way we can prevent cross contamination.
The needle cartridges function with a click and go system; with one move-  ment you have set the needle cartridge  on the handpiece. Hereby is hygienic working very simpel. All the Ecuri-cartridges are gamma sterilized and individually packed with lot number and expiration date.
Ecuri Cosmetics is the only company, who supplies Fractional Needle Cartridges used for the treatment on the reduction of fine lines and scars. 
Overview needle cartridges
naaldmodule 1punts
1-point liner (S)

Suitable for very fine hair strokes
For precisely finishing lipliner or body tattoo
naaldmodule 1micro1-point micro, NEW
Fine, single hair strokes
Please note: low skin resistance, be sure not to puncture too deeply
naaldmodule 3punts3-point liner (S)
For thin eyeliner, between hairs and in the cartilage lining of the eyeliner
Suitable for fine lipliner
Colorizing eyebrows
                3x 0,30 mm
naaldmodule 3punts outline3-point outline
Slightly sharper needle than 3-point liner
Also suitable for body tattoo
3x 0,25 mm
naaldmodule 3punts micro3-point micro
Suitable for fine and soft hair strokes
Scalp pigmentation
Pencil eyeliner edge effect, creates a thin soft line
naaldmodule 3punts micro (1)Super Strokes 3XL
Ideal for hair strokes
Very quick to catch
naaldmodule 3punts slope3-point slope (S)
Ideal for broad eyeliners on soft tissue (ice skating technique)
Hair strokes (also for soft skin)
Shadow Techniques on very soft scar tissue
naaldmodule 3punts power3-point power*
Hair strokes
Colorizing hard scar tissue
Ideal for hystamine insertion, for softening scars
naaldmodule 4punts flat4-point flat (S)
Four needles placed in a row
Suitable for hair strokes (not suitable for thin skins)
Every single needle runs through the skin
                Various shadow techniques, wing needle technique
naaldmodule 5punts5-point shader (S)
Soft in shades of eyebrows
Soft lip contour
Stam cell pigmentation
                Colorizing, soft scar tissue
naaldmodule 5punts magnum5-point magnum
Special needle where the needle configuration is made up of a row
Consisting of three needles in one row and above two needles
Suitable for wider eyeliner, Smudge eyeliner (smokey eyes)
                Colorizing lips
                (always keep needle very flat)
naaldmodule 5punts power5-point power*
Easy needle for broad eyeliners
Giving full, sharp line
For tight lipliners
                Colorizing lips
naaldmodule 5punts slope5-point slope (S)
Colorizing lips, lipliner
Hair strokes, wide eyeliners
naaldmodule 7punts7-point round
For wide, unsharp, natural lipliner
Colorizing lips
Areola correction
                Colorizing soft scar tissue
naaldmodule 7punts power7-point power*
Tight wide liners
Colorizing lips
Wide eyeliners
naaldmodule 9punts magnum9-point magnum
Four needles in a row above a row of five needles
Coloriziing lips
Areola correction on soft tissue
                This needle gives shadow effects
naaldmodule frantionalneedle roundFractional Needle round
Special needle for inserting hyaluronic acid
Filling wrinkles
naaldmodule fractionalneedle flatFractional Needle flat
Special needle for inserting hyaluronic acid
Filling wrinkles 
*Master cartridges consist of very sharp needles. Once the needles are soldered to each other, the needles are chiseled once more. In this way they glide through the skin and never block.