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Spectacular results with the Ecuri Fractional Needle

Sagging cheeks, fine lines on the face and cleavage, hard and tough scars, acne pits, enlarged pores and stretch marks - mini mise them quickly and easily with the Ecuri Fractional Needle. The method takes seconds to make hundreds of tiny puncture wounds in the skin. Bio-active hyaluronic acid or another active agent is then injected through these punctures. Unsightly areas on the face, neck and cleavage are quickly and easily reduced or even completely eliminated. A Fractional Needle treatment takes around 15 minutes, is virtually painless and provides immediate results.
Fractional technique
The treatment is carried out using the special Ecuri Fractional Needle cartridge, which can be easily mounted onto thepen of your Permanent Make-up unit. The cartridge has a 7-point circular needle with individual needles spaced 1.5 mm apart, allowing for fast treatment of larger surface areas. The cartridge also includes the active pressure system that injects the agent into the skin.
The right answer to scars
The Ecuri Fractional Needle achieves spectacular results. It especially treats tough scar tissue characterised by poor circulation as well as keloids. The hundreds of tiny puncture wounds made by the Needle immediately fill up with blood. This causes new capillaries and pores to form undemeath and break up the scar tissue, allowing the skin to become smooth and supple. The skin also begins to produce new pigment, eliminating the discolouration that characterized the scar.
Specially developed needle cartridge for stretch marks
The Ecuri Fractional Flat Needle is new to our range. This cartridge with its row of five needles has been specially developed for treating hard striae. As with the treatment of scars, striae is almost completely eliminated.
fractional needling beforefractional needling after
before                                                                                                     after