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Derma medical III delivers maximum treatment results

With the Derma Medical III Ecuri Cosmetics presents the pinnacle in Permanent Make-up. This piece of equipment was developed by Ecuri Cosmetics and perfected together with the German manufacturer.

The Derma Medical III uses the most advanced digital technology and comes equipped with the modem Paramedical hand-piece. This pen is extremely accurate. Very quiet and vibration free. The needle pressure and incision frequency can be set with total precision and are digitallcontrolled. As a result. incisions are the same size. depth and are placed the same distance apart.  


Beyond Permanent Make-up

The Derma Medical III can do much more than just apply Permanent Make-up. The device can be optionally equipped with a soft laser pen with a wavelength of 808 nanometres so that skin heals quicker. In addition. a Fractional Needle cartridge can be attached to the Paramedical handpiece. Making the device ideal for Mesotherapy.



We know you value sterile equipment and hygienic working conditions - something we took into account when de- signing the Derma Medical IIIThat's why the Derma Medical III not only uses hygienic cartridges; its operating panel is also made of special dirt and bacteria resistant materials.

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