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Ecuri Cosmetics

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Semi – Permanent Make- Up

IPL + Radio Frequency Machines for Hair Removal including blonde hair, Skin Rejuvenation etc and Q-Med Yag Laser Machines for the removal of Tattoos, Aging Marks, Permanent Make – Up, Pigment Spots etc. in one Multi Laser machine with specifically designed handpieces for each treatment


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Dermabrasion Machines.

Quick Pigmentation
New needle technique
Power & Sloped Needle Cartridge

Superior Technique for the pigmentation of broad Eye-Liners and the full lips.
Power Cartridges and Sloped needles are used for many years at the market now and give spectacular results.

Ecuri gives special trainings of the newest techniques for the advanced specialists.

Power Needles are round 3-, 5- en 7-points needles with sharp peaks. Because of this the needles slide more easily in the skin and leave much more pigment in the skin. These pointed needles make less injury and the skin heals faster.


Ecuri_1      Ecuri_2

3-points Power Cartridge     5-points Power Cartridge     7-points Power Cartridge


Sloped needles are flat needles with various different length. Please see the picture below. You need Sloped needles for quick pigmentation of full lips and soft wide Eye-Liner. Various techniques are possible with the Sloped needles.



3-points Sloped needle     5-points Sloped needle


Get rid of the Pigment Spots!

Ecuri_4  Ecuri_5  Ecuri_6

Pigment spots, hyperpigmentations and age spots can be removed in a minute with the Ecuri Q-Med+ laser. THE KTP 532nm Fractionel lens pulverise disturbing spots usually in just one time. It is a short treatment of a few minutes. The spots will be ricocheted in 5 up to 10 days by your own skin. After two weeks the skin lookes completely normal. As if there have never been any pigmentspots at all. Ecuri Q-Med+ lasers are not harmful for the skin and there is no risk of scarring. Ideal for ugly disturbing spot on your hands and in the face.

Ecuri_7   Ecuri_8

Golden Brown ! A real Brown Eye-Liner

At last there is a beautiful brown Eye-Liner which catches real well. Golden Brown is a compact eye-liner pigment that can easily be taken by the skin, you will get a dark brown line and after the healing process it remains well. At last a brown Eye-Liner pigment which catches just as well as Yet Black or Black Velvet.

For whom is this Golden Brown? Golden Brown is suitable for everyone whom the black of Black Velvet is too hard. If you are frightened that black pigment turns to blue, Golden Brown is a safe choice. Golden Brown is deep dark brown, almost black and gives no blue glow under the skin.

If an eyeliner is already blue coloured and you want to correct it then there are 2 solutions:

  1. Remove the black blue colour first with laser and then apply again using the Golden Brown.
  2. Correct the blue eye-liner first with Peach Corrector 1 and then immediately in the same treatment use the GoldenBrown.
Black Velvet

Black Velvet is the strongest Eye-Liner pigment in the market. It gives a deep dark, intense black Eye-Liner. Black Velvet contains the highest concentration of pigmentparticles of all pigments on the market. You place an Eye-Liner in no time. Black Velvet is a colour for the real professional. A Must for every experienced specialist. For the beginners we recommend that they first gain experience with Novoxx Black. The powerful deep dark pigment of the Black Velvet is not suitable for very thin or sensitive eyelid. At a delicate, thin skin the chance on small subcutaneous bruises is much larger than at an ordinary skin. If a bruise takes place than the blood can take along the pigment. Because of this an embranchement can arise. Back Velvet contains the most and strongest pigmentparticles. For delicate thin skin Black Velvet is not suitable for this reason. We recommend using Novoxx Black on these persons.


Pigment thinner

If a pigment becomes dry and too thick, you can add a few drops of pigment thinner. This applies to all pigments except the Black Velvet. Black Velvet is a carbon-pigment and can not be solved in alcohol. For the Black Velvet use the special thinner for Black Velvet.


Novoxx Black

Novoxx Black is a deepblack Eye-Liner pigment special for the sensitive skin. We always recommend using Novoxx Black on delicate and thin eyelids. Novoxx is an extract that is won from the shell of oysters. Novoxx has been successfully applied for some years in the medical world at bone transplantations, art hips and other implants. It prevents allergic responses and inflammatory. It works as if it was a natural antibiotic. For this reason Novoxx Black has been pre-eminently created for the sensitive skin


Permanent Make-up Removal

There are many ways to remove or to correct Permanent Make-up.

Some possibilites:

Ecuri_9     Ecuri_10


ECURI Q-Med+ Laser

You can remove permanent make-up and Tattoo entirely without cicatrice with it. Suitable for removing total mispigmentation of eyebrows, lips or eyeliners which can't be corrected.